North-West Paranormal Investigators & Researchers

We have over five years of paranormal investigation experience.
We are always on the lookout for investigations. We love the paranormal and all it has to offer us in the experience of life and knowledge. We love to experience and discover the unknown. We love history. We love ghosts.

We are a collective group of like minded individuals researching the paranormal.  For us, it was easy to get excited watching shows on TV.  Seeing and hearing what other groups capture.  But at the back of your mind you always wonder, "is it real?". We have all had experiences in our lives to already make us believe and question. 
With that in mind we set out to discover on our own.

We are in process of beginning to create short film documentaries for non-profit use.  Just to document and share our journeys.

We will not disclose any evidence or information from an investigation without written permission. We will always bring all necessary forms with us to any location or meeting. You will get a copy of all forms for your records. Your privacy and protection of yourself and/or business is important to us. We treat others as we would want to be treated. Kind, courteous, respectful.
We appreciate and thank all contacts.
Please note that we no longer offer at home investigations.  We do not know what we may be messing with when we investigate a personal home of someone.  We do not want to possibly cause more activity and we don't know for sure whether anyone is truly capable of stopping a haunting.  All we know is we are not equipped to do such a thing.
Contact us anytime!

We will provide phone numbers upon e-mail reply.
Thank you!
September, 2016

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